What are people saying about Amy?


 "My daughter is currently studying both Violin and Piano with Amy.  She is coming up to her third year for both and has been with Amy for a year now.  What we both love about Amy is that she is so passionate and enthusiastic when she teaches and she always gives Piper choices on the pieces she is learning.  She is fun, she is relevant with todays music and the kids and she gets results. She has also inspired my daughter to want to become a music teacher!" -Vanita, Parent.

"Amy's Music Studio offers outstanding music tuition for students of all ages. My sons really enjoy their lessons and their skills have developed immensely. The programs are thorough, engaging and age appropriate. Amy has a beautiful approach and the ability to inspire a love of music and performance. I could not more highly recommend Amy to anyone who is wanting their children to learn in a professional and encouraging environment." - Tricia, Parent.

"My daughter loves going to see Amy each week for Kinder Beat classes. She’s very quiet during the classes, but when we go home I overhear her singing the songs all the time to herself and her toys. It’s very cute!" - Angela, Parent.

 "I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for being such a wonderful violin teacher. You have been so patient and kind and you have always encouraged me. You definitely have a gift for teaching!" -Phoebe, Student. 

"Thank you Amy for being such an amazing teacher. Amy's calm but enthusiastic approach to learning gave my daughter confidence and kept her interested. I personally love the lesson structures combining a perfect blend of practical and theory to ensure students were attaining high levels of music education. Amy's passion for music and individual efforts shine through her students and their continual developments. Amy is one of the best music teachers I have come across." -Skye, Parent.

"Thank you for teaching me violin this year. You've been such a fun and enthusiastic teacher and I really enjoy learning from you. I have achieved a lot and have improved my playing rapidly since I started learning from you!" -Kate, Student.

"My daughter has recently started violin lessons with Amy and she is really enjoying how clearly structured and organised the lessons are. She particularly loves Amy's positivity and her overall enthusiasm for learning music. She has received a lot of great tips for enhancing her playing and enjoys going to lessons and working on new & challenging pieces of music." -Pauline, Parent.

"Thank you for being the best violin teacher ever! I am really happy that I got to be one of your students." -Piper, Student.

"My son has been learning music theory from Amy for three school terms. Although short in time, I have been really impressed by Amy's thorough approach in her theory teaching, thus enabling my son to build up solid knowledge on music theory. Thank you so much Amy." -Charlie, Parent.

"You have been probably the BEST violin teacher in the world this year! For these two years I have been with you, you are the person I want to be when I am older." -Tarek, Student.

"Thank you for helping me this year, I think you're the best teacher ever at piano!" -Oliver, Student.

"Thanks for taking on my two boys into your studio Amy. Both boys enjoy their lessons immensely. You provide such a variety of activity that they are always looking forward to your lessons. That’s definitely not easy when they have to wait for each other’s lesson (getting a 4 year old to sit still is a challenge). But you manage to have him settle whilst waiting for his brother’s lesson. Thank you so much." -Jacky, Parent.

"My daughter Phoebe, who is now 11yrs old commenced violin lessons with Amy Garden 18months ago, and from that moment never looked back! Her experience at school was not very inspiring and she was feeling quite disheartened at this time. Amy immediately connected with Phoebe at the first lesson in an encouraging and nurturing way that she could only respond to with trying her very best! Amy was always professional and enthusiastic and has a way of speaking slowly and clearly that made Phoebe able to understand what was expected of her. Amy gives direction and support and always responded quickly if there were any questions that needed to be answered outside lessons. She is very informative via email and students are made to feel that they’re progress is very important to Amy! This talented teacher always set homework and encourages practice with goals and rewards which Phoebe responded to with determination and enthusiasm! Amy suggested Phoebe should work towards her examinations and very quickly had success with her preliminary exam. After this boosted her confidence she then focused on her Grade 1 AMEB exam and to Phoebe’s surprise and delight scored A Honours. Amy ensured her students had a chance to perform together at the end of term and end of year concerts which once again provided students with the added motivation to practice and to perfect their chosen pieces. (And also the challenge and experience of performing in front of their peers and families). I highly recommend Amy if you are searching for a teacher who will help your child reach their potential! Both Phoebe and I will miss her very much as she leaves to continue her life in Canberra." -Nikki, Parent