Fees & Policy

 Fees & Policy


Congratulations on choosing to participate in music lessons! Music has been found to enrich the lives of all who participate in its creation and enjoyment.

What Does My Tuition Cover? 
· Weekly lessons
· Workshops and end of term concerts
· Preparation time - Lesson planning, curriculum development, trips to the music store, general lesson admin. Professional music journals report that for every hour of lessons, the teacher has invested at least 2 hours of their time.
· Your teacher’s professional training and music experience
· Studio expenses - Instruments, repairs and maintenance, supplementary music books and CDs, copying, software, website, other equipment, rent of music area, and business expenses (licensing and insurance).
· Self-employment benefits - I do not receive employment benefits such as annual leave, sick leave, workers compensation or superannuation - this must all be covered by tuition fees.

Term Fees 
Tuition is divided into the four A.C.T. school terms, 10 week blocks. Students must pay for a full term to reserve the time slot. New students starting mid-term are pro rata.

Trial lesson 
45 minutes $40 (single lesson) 
Individual lesson fees 
45 minutes 
$680 per term 
60 minutes 
$900 per term 

Studio Policy 

It will be assumed that any person employing Amy's Music Studio and Amy Gardiner-Garden will have read the terms and conditions listed below and abide by them.  It will also be assumed that you agree with the listed terms and conditions upon sign up or appointment.

· Lesson material and equipment - Students will need their own instrument to practice on at home. Please check with Amy to see if your current instrument is suitable, or if you need assistance purchasing or hiring a new instrument. Practical and theory music books will be required, costing students roughly $100 per year.
· Public Holidays - Unless notified otherwise public holidays are treated as normal working days and regular lessons will continue.
· Illness - Students who are ill should not come to lessons. I reserve the right to send a student home if they arrive sick.
· Missed lessons - Because specific times are set aside for specific students, if a student misses a lesson, they will simply miss the benefit of that lesson. Lesson alternatives include swapping with another student, Skype, or calling to chat about your child’s progress during their usual lesson time. There are no refunds, discounts or make-ups given unless I am unable to teach the promised number of lessons.

If I am unable to teach a lesson I will give students a make up lesson some time throughout the year. If we are unable to schedule a make up lesson by the end of the year I will provide credit for the new year.
· Photo and video release - Pictures and videos of my students may be used as learning tools and for business promotions with first names attached. Please let me know if you do not allow this.
· Late Payments - Late term payments will incur a $15 late fee. There will be no music lessons until payment is made, with any lessons missed during this time forfeited. Please call if you think you will have difficulties with payments.
· Dismissals and termination - If for any reason you must stop lessons, 4 weeks notice is required. If appropriate notice is given I will refund half the term fees remaining. Regrettably, I may have to dismiss a student if any of these circumstances occur:
- Failure to pay tuition on time
- Persistent absences
- Uncooperative attitude
- Failure to follow practice as instructed
- Lack of progress due to insufficient practice or unfulfilled requirements.

Thank you for your support!